Enlightened hands Massage & Bodywork....

              .....is a locally based, female-owned-and-operated place of healing

              .....is dedicated to helping you manage/control/eliminate your body’s physical pain

                     .....is affordable medical massage and chronic pain management

                     .....is unlike any therapeutic massage experience you have had

Therapeutic Massage

Our services are focused solely on massage. More specifically the healing art and analytical science of massage therapy.


Massage services

Enlightened Hands Massage and Bodywork is solely focused on massage. Our services include; Therapeutic, Relaxation, Couples lesson in massage, Hot Stone, and Pregnancy massage.

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service Pricing

Therapeutic Massage services start at the price $40 per hour. 

Individual therapist set their own pricing for services provided.


New Clients

New to Enlightened Hands Massage? Please download the new client form prior to your first visit.


          My name is Christina Valentin-Macias, and I founded Enlightened Hands Massage and Bodywork.  I am a one-woman band, who beat her own dream of healing, and marched to this tune until the dream came true.

          Enlightened Hands Massage and Bodywork opened in July of 2006 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, at the historic Bernat Mill, where, in a serene studio, healing and relief from pain began taking place.  In July, 2007, a sudden, raging fire  consumed Bernat Mill--and with it that serene, healing studio.  All was lost, except the dream.  The dream lived on.

          As I stood staring at the burning building on that fateful day, I suddenly realized my business was not lost or destroyed by the fire.  It was alive and well: in my urgent talent,  in my rigorous training, in my intuitive hands, in my own techniques, in my healing skills,  in my drive to succeed, in my passion to relieve pain.

          So another space, another ambiance, was found in N. Uxbridge where, for the next eight years, the practice resumed and healing and relief took place, until EHMB was re-established two years ago in a  more centrally located studio at the Savers Bank building in downtown Uxbridge.  

          In 2016, EHMB celebrated ten years in business, with a devoted clientele whose pain I strive to relieve with all the knowledge, insight, and creativity I can apply to it.

The enlightened hands are mine.  The body is yours.  And I would like to help you heal it.

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Our Office

We're located in the Savers Bank Building

6 North Main St. Suite 302
Uxbridge, MA
P: (508)296-8470